Ricochet Robot game - anyone can join at any time.

Posted by Don B on 12 April, 2020 0 comments

On the box of Ricochet Robot it says the maximum number of players is ∞ and anyone can join the game at any time, even after the game has started. That makes it the perfect game for low tech online play.

If you don't know the rules, here they are. 

Let's see how many we can get playing this.
Here is how we will do this:

  1. The game and each subsequent turn will start at 7pm AEST each day. I will post the player standings and the current board position with a new target token as a new blog post on this channel.
  2. Players will all post (in the comments section of the blog entry for the day) the number of moves in which they can move the required robot to the designated token - just the number, not the solution. See the rules if you are unsure how to move the robots or how to count the moves. 
  3. All submitted numbers of moves will be published at 5:30pm, everyone will then have until 5:45pm to post or re-post a number (just the number, not the solution). It can be a higher number or a lower number than previously posted numbers. Anyone can update the number they have posted by posting a new number, but they can only reduce the value, not increase it. Numbers received after 5:45pm will not be considered.
  4. At 5:45pm, I will call on the player who posted the lowest number of moves to post their solution in the comments section of this blog post, as text describing the moves of each robot (so Red right, Blue down, Green up ... etc). If more than one player has posted the same number before 5:45pm, then the player among the tied players who has collected the least tokens will go first. If there is still a tie, then the player among the remaining tied players who first posted their number will be called to post their solution.
    • The called player will have 15 minutes to post their solution. If they have not submitted a solution in that time we move to the next player.
    • If the nominated player's solution moves the robot to the token in the claimed number of moves then they win the token.
    • If the nominated player's solution fails to get the robot to the token or they have not posted a solution after 15 minutes, I will call on the next player (next lowest number posted with ties resolved as before). If all players fail, then the token is returned to the pool and we move to the next round. 
    • I will post a new blog post with the current standings and an image of the new board position as a separate post in this channel at 7pm AEST each day and we will begin a new round.

The game ends when all 16 tokens have been claimed. 


  • The time you submit a number is recorded to resolve ties, though it will not be visible to the players.
  • HOUSE RULE: All submitted numbers should be at least 3 moves and no solution should involve a robot trivially retracing its path. 
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