Ricochet Robots. Game 1, Round 4

Posted by Don B on 15 April, 2020 13 comments

Standings for round 4:
Gavin 2 tokens
David 1 token
Everyone else 0 tokens.

Post your bid for the number of moves in the comments below.
If you want to know how to participate in this low-tech online game of Ricochet Robots, see the original blog post here.

Charlottes's Solution in 6 moves

The next round starts at 7pm tonight. I'll post a new blog entry on this channel with the new board position and the new token then. 


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  1. Don April 16, 2020

    Having played against her, I know Charlotte would have got the solution. I’m going to make an executive decision and give this token to Charlotte. Sorry for the mix up.

  2. Don Bone April 16, 2020

    Oops. My Bad. The call order should have been Charlotte, Amie then David then Gavin. Busy doing other things and not thinking.

  3. Don April 16, 2020

    David wins the token for round 4.

  4. Don April 16, 2020

    Actually. Sorry. David did bid earlier and has fewer tokens than Gavin.

  5. Don April 16, 2020

    David, You’re up. Gavin bid 6 earlier than you but you have fewer tokens. I will publish you most recent solution at 6:pm.

  6. Don April 16, 2020

    Remember tie breaker rules.

  7. Don April 16, 2020

    Post any updated numbers (less than your current lowest bid) by 5:45pm. Most recent bids are at the top.

  8. Amie April 16, 2020


  9. Charlotte April 16, 2020


  10. Gavin April 16, 2020


  11. Dave April 16, 2020

    6 moves.
    Blue: Up
    Red: Down, Right, Up, Left, Down

  12. Alan Saunders April 16, 2020


  13. Dave April 16, 2020