Ricochet Robots. Game 1, Round 12.

Posted by Don B on 23 April, 2020 7 comments

If you want to know how to participate in this low-tech online game of Ricochet Robots, see the original blog post here.

Standings for round 12: 
David 4 tokens
Gavin 3 tokens
Alison 2 tokens
Charlotte 1 token
Alan 1 token
Everyone else 0 tokens.

So! We have drawn the rainbow token. Normally this means you can offer any solution that moves any robot to the token with the normal caveats on the number of moves and not trivially retracing the path of a robot. 

However the solution here is pretty simple so I thought a bit more of a challenge is in order. So for this round, your solution must move three different robots in succession to the rainbow token. Once a robot has moved to the token space it can be moved away and used to help move the other robots. The person who does this in the fewest moves will win the token.  

Post your bid for the number of moves in the comments below before 5:30pm, Friday 24th April 2020. You can submit your solution as a separate comment at any time before the 5:45pm deadline. You can also update your solution prior to 5:45pm and I will use the last submitted solution.

Gavin's 14 move solution:




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  1. Gavin April 25, 2020

    Blame my brain! I woke up at 6.30am with the solution trying to get out, haha!

  2. Don April 24, 2020

    Priority order is Gavin then Dave. Gavin has already submitted a valid solution with 14 moves so he wins the token for round 12. This was very impressive. I spent quite some time trying every permutation I could find to improve on 15 moves and came up blank. Then I saw Gavin’s solution come in this morning. This is why I love this game!

  3. Don April 24, 2020

    Players have until 5:45pm to submit bids or updated bids.

  4. Gavin April 24, 2020

    Black: Up.
    Yellow: Right, up.
    Blue: Right.
    Yellow: Down, left.
    Black: Down.
    Yellow: Right, up, right.
    Black: Left, up.
    Blue: Up, left.
    14 moves.

  5. Gavin April 24, 2020


  6. Dave April 24, 2020

    15 moves.

  7. Don April 23, 2020

    Make sure you read the notes for this round. Special rules for the rainbow token.