Ricochet Robots, Game 1, Round 14

Posted by Don B on 25 April, 2020 6 comments

If you want to know how to participate in this low-tech online game of Ricochet Robots, see the original blog post here.

Standings for round 14: 
Dave 5 tokens
Gavin 4 tokens
Alison 2 tokens
Charlotte 1 token
Alan 1 token
Everyone else 0 tokens.

When I pulled the first token it was immediately obvious it would be too easy so I pulled a second token. Much more challenging. The red robot must visit both tokens in sequence. 

Post your bid for the number of moves in the comments below before 5:30pm, Sunday 26th April 2020. You can submit your solution as a separate comment at any time before the 5:45pm deadline. You can also update your solution prior to 5:45pm and I will use the last submitted solution.

Alison's Solution in 13 moves:


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  1. Don April 26, 2020

    Priority order is Alison, Gavin David. Since Alison has already submitted a viable solution for 13 moves. She wins the two tokens for round 14.

  2. Don April 26, 2020

    Oops lost track of time again. Marking Assignments. :-( Players have until 5:55pm to bid or update their bids.

  3. Dave April 26, 2020

    13 moves.

  4. Alison April 26, 2020

    Red: left, up, left, down
    Red: up, right, down
    Black: up, left, up, right
    Red: up, left

  5. Alison April 26, 2020


  6. Gavin April 26, 2020