Broom Service

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Broom Service by Andreas Pelikan and Alexander Pfister is a board game re-imagining of the earlier game Witches Brew by Andreas Pelikan. Broom Service won the KennerSpiel des Jahres (Gamers Game of the year) in Germany in 2015 and was one of the prestigious "Big Box" series from Alea/Ravensburger.

You are running a delivery service for Witch's potions. Of course you have to use local Gatherers to gather potions and sometimes you have to rely on local Druids to get the potions to their final destinations - and flying your broom through a thundercloud is a really bad idea so you may have to use the services of the Weather Fairy to clear the way occasionally.

The heart of this game is the clever Brave/Cowardly mechanic behind playing your cards. When the current player plays one of their cards, they, and everyone else in turn order who picked that card, must declare whether they will use the Brave Action (big reward) or Cowardly Action (smaller reward) on the card. The trick is that only the last player to declare the Brave Action gets to do it, while everyone who declares the Cowardly Action gets to do it when they declare it. This produces some very interesting bluffing and 'people reading' opportunities. The game is quick to play (under an hour) and in the basic version is quite light, especially given that it won the KennerSpiel.

There is more information about the game on its boardgamegeek page and a video overview filmed at the big games trade-fair at Nuremberg.



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