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I have a penchant for clever abstract games. In a sense all games are, at their core, abstract. However, a theme often helps to engage players and suggest viable strategies and although traditional games are all abstract, most modern games tend to be themed. Nevertheless, abstract games often win awards against more richly thematic games - Qwirkle and Dvonn come to mind. Zatre is a great little abstract game that was nominated for the Speil des Jahres in 1993.
Zatre is a tile laying game with dice pips on the faces of the tiles. It was designed by Manfred Schuling and first published in 1990, and is really the only game from Schuling that has achieved serious success - but successful it was and it is still widely played in Europe, with organised competitions.

On a players turn they lay two tiles on the board trying to form rows or columns with a total of 10, 11 or 12 pips. This makes the game a little bit like a mathy cross between Qwirkle and Scrabble. Some squares on the board give you double scores so there is a strong spatial component to the game play. Find out more about Zatre in its Boardgamegeek entry
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