New games and restocks added over the last week or so.

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I've been a little busy over the last couple of weeks so I am only now putting this together.

Dixit 10th Anniversary expansion – 84 new cards for Dixit with new art from the illustrators of the original game and earlier expansions.


The Grizzled Armistice Edition – This new edition of the cooperative card game includes the components of The Grizzled original edition and the At Your Orders expansion. It adds some spectacular miniatures and a lot of new components that expand The Grizzled original edition and the At Your Ordersexpansion and create the Missions of the campaign game. There is a nice comparison of the components of the Armistice and earlier editions on BGG. 


Sagrada – a dice drafting board game in which the dice represent different coloured glass panes for the stained glass window that you are constructing to please the tastes of your fickle patrons.


Takenoko – We have this great game back in limited stock. You can play the role of both the Gardener – laying out new plots and irrigating them to grow bamboo or that of the pampered sacred Panda – who loves nothing more than eating the treasured bamboo. A great family game. 


The Castles of Burgundy, the Card Game – The card game version of the very popular board game by Stefan Feld. This game retains much of the experience of the board game while being a very different game mechanically. It is also a great game for two players and has a solo play mode.


Cat Lady – Cat games are bit of a phenomenon and you'd think they might just be relying on the same appeal that grants cat videos such prominence on the internet. But strangely that is not at all true and this is yet another great little cat themed game.


Dragon Castle – This game feels a little like, and is obviously inspired by, the ubiquitous Mahjong Solitaire computer games. However this is a deeper and more strategic multiplayer game that offers a great gaming experience with a very satisfying tactile feel. A great family game. 


Kodama Duo – This is both a two player version of the wonderful and charming Kodama The Tree Spirits card game and an expansion of the original game that allows for 6 players.


Futuropia - The 2018 Essen release from the inimitable Friedemann Friese where players are competing to create a mores sustainable, yet more productive Utopian society tan the other layers. 


Forum Trjanum - OK. I'm a little biassed – I really like Stefan Feld's games. Nevertheless, this 2018 Essen release from Stefan Feld is enjoying a very enthusiastic response. You head one of Emperor Trajan's colonies and you need to ensure it's growth and success but you also need to help build the emperor's grand monument, the Forum Trajanum, if you want to win his favour.


Too Many Cooks - This is a game you will have trouble finding elsewhere. It is still in late stage development by Canberra-based author Jarrah Bloomfield. We first saw it being demonstrated at CanCon in January this year and when Jarrah later asked if we wanted a few copies from a small production run, we jumped at the chance. What makes this game interesting is that it cleverly integrates a web application to drive the game in a way that is both essential to the game play and enhances the game experience.

Chinatown - This is an oldie but a goodie. This is the 2014 edition of the game originally published by Alea as the second game in their Big Box series in 1999.


The Grizzled - The original edition is back in stock. This is the co-operative game that is going to kick your butt – but you will enjoy the experience. 


Small World - We haven't had this classic in stock for a while. Still one of my favourite games. It is a little bit like a modern re-interpretation of the classic game  Risk, except that there is really very little luck and I would choose Small World over risk every single time.


Azul - Back in limited stock. For me this is already a classic. It has a wonderful tactile dimension, is relatively easy to teach to new players and is quick smooth to play.


Fury of Dracula (Fourth Edition) - There are not that many pursuit games. A pursuit game is where one player plays against the rest of the players, trying to evade them long enough to escape, while they try to catch that player. The original game in this genre is Scotland Yard. Fury of Dracula is a bigger, darker contribution to the genre and it is now back in stock.  


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