LOYALTY Discount and Changes to Advertising

Posted by Don B on 03 March, 2019 0 comments

We are making some changes to the way we advertise. We had been trying to use Google Ads and a Google Shopping campaign to promote the shop but this has proved monumentally unsuccessful. It is far too expensive for the results it produces. We spent more with Google in February than our total sales (not just those sale from Google click throughs). We are getting views and we are getting clicks - we are just not getting sales and our prices are already among the lowest in Australia.
Also, over the three months we have been running Google ads, it has had zero impact on our page rank. Most disappointing is that even when I search on Google for one of our games that no-one else in Australia carries (and that we pay Google to Advertise), we still do not appear in the search results before the 6th page (if at all). Getting any explanation for that from Google proved impossible.
We are going to try some more targeted approaches and put some of that advertising budget to rewarding our customers more directly. So keep an eye on the website. To kick this off, until March 6th we are offering a 15% discount (on our already discounted prices) for our full range of board games for existing on-line shop customers (valid only for one order). Use the discount code LOYALTY when you check out to get the discount and make sure you are using the email address you used on an earlier purchase.
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