More New Games for the Week beginning 6 Jan 2019

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Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition - a lavishly produced version of the that favourite of collaborative games by Matt Leacock. 

Wildlands - the new game from Martin Wallace. This game is rapidly gaining a very enthusiastic following: it is simple to learn, fast to play but has the depth and replayability we have come to expect from a master designer who we can now claim as our own.

Pandemic Fall of Rome - One of the series of Pandemic-based games that re-imagine the mechanics if the original game, adding something new and interesting. It is a little bit like the relationship between "Romeo and Juliet" and "West Side Story": the heritage is recognisable but it definitely has something new to say.    

Gunkimono - Set in Feudal Japan with all of the machinations and intrigue of the that period. Your are a Daimyo plotting to maintain and expand your control. Jeff Allers is an American who lives in Berlin and has a number of successful games to his name including Alea Iacta Est, Citrus, and New Amsterdam.

The Lost Expedition - This was an enchanting surprise when we were first introduced to it last year. The art is wonderful and the game concept is quite unique. It is also clear that this was a project that someone put a lot of love into. 

The Lost Expedition - The Fountain of Youth and Other Adventures - an expansion for Lost Expedition.

Fuji Flush - a great little card game from the inimitable Friedemann Friese which has a quite unique . You teach this game in 2 minutes but it will keep you entertained for hours.

Three great new single play escape room games in the Exit: The Game series from Inka and Markus Brand: The Sunken Treasure, The Sinister Mansion & The Mysterious Museum

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