More new games for week of 11 Nov 2018

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The last of the new games for this week and a few restocks. 

Coimbra - One the hot games at Essen Spiel this year.

A Handful of Stars - I played a late prototype of this game with Martin a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. 

Oceanos - From the prolific mind of Antoine Bauza, the creator of 7 WondersHanabi, Takenoko and Tokaido among many others

Dragon's Breath - winner of the German Children's game of the year for 2018

Codenames Harry Potter - a retheming of Codenames Duet into the world of Harry Potter. 

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle - this is a restock but well worth investigating.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle - Monster Box of Monsters Expansion a restock of the expansion for Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

Grimm Forest - A beautiful family game with a fairytale theme.

Stuffed Fables - the first "AdventureBook Game" a new concept from Plaid Hat Games and a great family game to play with the kids.

Ticket to Ride Europe - a restock of the classic Gateway game. Europe is the friendly version of Ticket to Ride where the stations make it difficult for players to completely block you.  


Ticket to Ride - Rails & Sails - Ticket to Ride on steroids. It adds boats and a number of clever twists to one of the most popular gateway games.

D&D Player's Handbook - a restock. All a D&D player needs (apart from people to play with and a dungeon master).

D&D Art and Arcana Hardback Edition - an incredible collection of art from the whole history of D&D.


D&D Art and Arcana - Special Boxed Book Edition - the deluxe version of the collection of art from the whole history of D&D with lots of extra things like posters and ephemera.


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