New games for the week of 11 Nov 2018

Posted by Barbara C on 14 November, 2018 0 comments

A huge list of additions to the store this week - a mixture of new games and restocks. Enjoy!

Forbidden Sky - Do I detect a theme here... the 2018 released co-operative game from Matt Leacock. 



Monster Café in a tin - A great one for young kids. This is out of print with Gamewright so it will probably be hard to get soon. 

Sushi Go -  An oldie but a goodie. A great family game - just like trying to put together the best sushi meal at your local sushi train. 


Forbidden Island - Back in Stock. One of the original co-operative games. Still one of the best for families.

Forbidden Desert - Back in stock. Another classic cooperative game from the master designer Matt Leacock. A small step up from Forbidden Island but well worth it. 


Azul - Back in stock! Beautiful to behold, sumptuous to touch and an interesting strategy game that your family will love.


Pandemic - Back in Stock! The co-operative game that really started it all and still the standard by which other co-ops are judged. 

Qwirkle - Back in Stock. Addictive simple gameplay. Like scrabble with shapes and colours. 

Balderdash - Back in Stock. An oldie but still a great game for trivia and word game lovers. Derived from the 19th Century parlour game Dictionary, but so much more. 

Lovecraft Letter - for Cthulhu enthusiasts and those looking for a new twist on the delight that is Seiji Kanai's runaway hit game: Love Letter. 

Blue Lagoon - a delightful game offering simplicity and surprising depth from the master designer Reiner Knizia. A great family strategy game.

Scarabya - one of this year's releases from one of our favourite authors Bruno Cathala. 


Terraforming Mars - Back in Stock. Explore, terraform and settle the red planet.

Shadows in Kyotoa two-player abstract game set in the world of the hit game Hanamikoji. Intrigue and geisha's with the beautiful art of Maisherly.


Mystery of the Temples - yet another beautiful game from Emperors4 - the publishers of the runaway hit game Hanamikoji.

Set Card Game - Back in Stock. The classic multiplayer puzzle game you either love or hate. I love it, Barbara hates it!

Anomia the card game - the word/trivia game with an evil twist. This will keep you on your toes.




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