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Posted by Don B on 18 January, 2019 0 comments

I have to admit, I have never used RSS feeds - I've heard of them, but these days they seemed to be a bit antiquated. However, since I have just re-organised our Blogs I thought I should check out what the RSS feed was about. It turns out they are kind of handy.

Basically an RSS feed allows you to receive any newly published blog entries into an RSS feed reader. Importantly, you probably already have an RSS feed reader on your computer since many mail readers also act as RSS feed readers.

On our blog pages you will notice a small link in the top right of each of the Blog pages. This is the RSS feed link. 

Setting up the RSS feed reader is quite simple and for those using Thunderbird, this Mozilla Support page offers detailed instructions. Instructions for other Feed readers and mail clients are easy to find on google.

The basic process is the same however, whatever tool you use. You set up a feed account then link each of the feeds you are interested in receiving, using the link copied from the RSS feed links on our blog pages. Once you are set up, it looks just like an email account and every time we publish a blog entry, you will receive it in you feed reader just like an email.

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