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Posted by Don B on 03 December, 2018 0 comments

Tabletop Games in the Mountains is a facebook group that we started when we were running the shop in Hapenny Lane in Katoomba. The intention was to help people to find like-minded people and organise games events in the mountains. It never got much use, probably in part because we were running games twice a week at the shop at the time. When the shop closed we changed the name so it was clear that it was a regional group and not really 'owned' by the shop in any sense. Since the shop closed it has been in a state of rigor mortis. 

Other people have organised more or less private get-together's but those tend not to be very visible. Since we have been running the monthly event at the Katoomba Library, it feels like there is still a need for some sort of public face for gaming in the Mountains. 

I will start posting information about the Library events in this group. For other people who are organising events and want them to be more publicly visible, feel free to post about them in this group. 

At the moment you have to request to be able to join and until now I (Don) have been the only administrator and have been a bit slow in approving membership requests. I would like to maintain some sort of approval process for members since members can basically do what they like once they are in the group (there are too many people out there who are more than willing to flood a group like this with spam if you make it easy for them to do so). However, I have now invited a few other people to be admins to help make the group more responsive and hopefully drive a little more activity.



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