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Our Closing Down Sale Continues

Posted by Barbara C on 13 February, 2020 0 comments

Thank you to all those who have ordered from us over the last few days, and thank you for your patience. With the huge volume of orders, it has taken longer than usual to process and ship. We are almost caught up so orders placed yesterday will be sent today.

We've gone from over 600 titles in stock to less than 400! We have a lot left to clear though, and there are still some really great games at insane prices.

Afternoonified Games Emporium is Closing Down

Posted by Don B on 09 February, 2020 0 comments

We are closing down and have lowered all of our prices by 25% to try to clear as much stock as possible. These prices are at or below cost (for many items, well below cost). If you look at Board Game Oracle you will see that we have the lowest price from any Australian retailer on most of the items we have in stock. 

if there is something in our range you think you might want to get – that game you have long wanted but could not quite afford or that Christmas present or birthday gift for your crazy board gamer friend or relative – now is a great time to get it.

Clearance Sale Highlights - Inka and Markus Brand

Posted by Barbara C on 14 January, 2020 0 comments

Inka and Markus Brand are German game designers who are remarkably versatile, designing a number of great games across a wide range of genres from complex strategy games to light word based party games. Whatever the genre, their games are always innovative and fun to play.

Clearance Sale Highlights - Family Strategy Games

Posted by Barbara C on 13 January, 2020 0 comments


Our current clearance sale presents an opportunity to grab some great games at prices you will not find anywhere else in Australia. All current stock is discounted but to help you find some particularly interesting bargains I'm posting a series highlighting particular games.

There is a concept in modern gaming of "game weight". Heavy games are games that are typically quite complex, typically take more than 120 minutes to play, require some serious effort to understand, take 30-60 minutes to explain and a few plays to see the successful strategies. Lighter games are less complex, can typically be played in under an hour, and can be explained in 15 minutes or less.  This set of games fall on the lighter end of that rating scale, so even though they are still strategy games they are particularly suitable for new players and are sometimes referred to as Family Strategy Games or Gateway Games. 

Free Pickup at CanCon 2020

Posted by Barbara C on 12 January, 2020 0 comments

CanCon in Canberra is one of the largest and longest running tabletop games conventions in Australia. It happens over the Australia Day Long weekend and is an opportunity to catch up with gamers from all over Australia and play a lot of games. We will be there this year; we will not have a stand, we are just there to play games. However, we are offering a free pickup option for collection at CanCon. Orders must be placed by 9am Thursday 23rd January. We will contact you to arrange collection, but your order must be collected before noon on Monday 27th January.

Clearance Sale Highlights - Martin Wallace games

Posted by Barbara C on 12 January, 2020 0 comments

Our current clearance sale presents an opportunity to grab some great games at prices you will not find anywhere else in Australia. For those with a taste for heavier games you might want to check out some of the titles in our lineup from legendary Australian game designer Martin Wallace (well, he has only been living here for a few years but we'll claim him as Australian). Prices below are for new customers (use code JanSale at checkout). Existing customers will get even better prices (use code JanSale25).

Clearance Sale Highlights - Ticket to Ride & Ticket to Ride Germany

Posted by Barbara C on 11 January, 2020 0 comments

There are some great games at amazing prices in our current clearance sale and it is a little confusing to find the diamonds among all the sapphires. So I'll present a series of posts highlighting a few gems. For this post I'd like to highlight the Ticket to Ride series of games.

January Clearance Sale

Posted by Barbara C on 04 January, 2020 0 comments


We are running a clearance sale across all stock in store.
Get 15% off our already discounted prices. 

Three day Flash Sale!

Posted by Barbara C on 15 January, 2019 0 comments

We are running a flash sale until 11:59pmThurs 17th January.

24 Hour Flash Sale

Posted by Barbara C on 05 January, 2019 0 comments

We are running a 24 hour flash sale on a great collection of games.