The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Chess Set

$84.00   (RRP $130.00 )

The beautifully crafted, Legend of Zelda Chess set, is a collector’s edition appealing to chess novices and experts alike. Beginners develop an understanding of the mechanics of the game and chess veterans can hone their skills, as heroes and villains from the Ocarina of Time face off in an ultimate battle of good versus evil.

Packaged in a striking premium box with secure magnetic closure and a window face front, key characters from the game are enticingly displayed. Players are immediately drawn in and on closer inspection, the 32 Legend of Zelda figurine chess pieces are found to be fashioned out of quality bronze and iron look vinyl.  The detailed, quality pieces are solid yet light enough to make the game suitable for young children and the young at heart. The heroes range from Link (King), Zelda (Queen), Epona (Knights) and the villains are represented by Ganon (King), Twinrova (Queen) and Deku nuts (Pawns).

This product is perfect for people wanting to sit down with their partner or friend, to play a strategic game of chess with a glass of wine in hand for a quiet evening at home. The chess set is also a stunning coffee table decoration, allowing gamers to have a tasteful Legend of Zelda memento in their home.