Freya's Folly

$19.00   (RRP $22.50 )

  • Designer: Don Bone
  • Players: 3-5
  • Playing time: 50 Min
  • Age: 10+
  • First Released: 2005

In Norse legend, Freya, the goddess of fertility and passion, owed at least part of her reputation for irresistable beauty to an enchanting necklace - the Brisingamen.

You are a dwarf craftsman making jewelery of silver and precious gems. Use your team of dwarfs to mine jewels and craft these in fine silver settings which you can sell to earn prestige. Of course the grander the jewelery, the greater the prestige, but you have a quota to fill so you must work quickly. Various magical potions and abilities are available through the black market to aid you but you will need to use them wisely. Finish the Brisingamen for Freya and her favours will bring even more prestige than the finest jewelry.

Send your dwarfs racing into the mine to collect jewels with an interesting leap frog action that has them moving fastest when they work together. Once you have recovered jewels or gold you can complete a piece of the Brisingamen or get a setting card to create another piece of jewelry. Work on the Brisingamen and Freya rewards you with free action tokens that you can use for extra actions or for victory points. Ability cards let your dwarfs move faster, whisk jewels out of the mine, block other player's dwarfs or steal jewels.