Cash'n Guns (Second Edition)

$49.00   (RRP $70.00 )

  • Designer: Ludovic Maublanc
  • Players: 4-8
  • Playing time: 30 Min
  • Age: 10+
  • First Released: 2014

You and your criminal associates just pulled off the score of a lifetime, and now it's back to the warehouse to divide up the loot. The only problem is: thieves aren’t exactly known for sharing well with others. When the guns come out, how long will you stare down the barrel of your friend’s pistol?

Cash’n Guns Second Edition is a party game for four to eight trigger-happy criminals. The original Cash’n Guns was released in 2005 to wide critical acclaim, and the game’s cartoonish art and ridiculous premise made it a hit with players of all skill levels. The second edition adds new players, new special powers, and a streamlined rule set to start your bullets flying faster than ever before! 

Cash’n Guns is played over eight high-tension rounds. Each round, eight loot cards are revealed as the haul to be divided. Loot cards can be anything: priceless paintings, sparkling diamonds, first aid kits, or just hard cash. Everyone still standing at the end of the round gets a share of the goods—the hard part is getting there in one piece.

Every player starts a game of Cash’n Guns equipped with a life-size foam pistol, alongside five “Click” cards and three “Bang” bullet cards that you’ll use to load your gun. Once the loot has been revealed, you’ll secretly choose a “Click” or “Bang” bullet card and place it face-down. Then, on the count of three, each player selects a target by pointing their gun at another player! Once the guns are out, it’s time to see who has the guts to stay in the game. After another count to three, you’ll choose if you want to stay or dive for cover. If you take cover, you’re out of the round, but you’re also safe from injury. Those still in the round have a chance of getting some loot—so long as they’re not gunned down first.

After the players have their final chance to get out of the way, you and the remaining steely-eyed players reveal their “Click” or “Bang” bullet card. If someone pointing a gun at you reveals a “Bang,” you receive a wound, and you won't receive any loot that round. More importantly, if you ever receive three wounds, you’re out of the game! All of the players left standing after shots are fired take turns grabbing shares of loot until it's gone.

Among the loot, you’ll find first aid kits to heal your wounds, spare clips to reload your bullets, and priceless paintings, which appreciate in value as you gain more of them. The Godfather’s Desk is also up for grabs: if you take the desk, you become the Godfather, which gives you first choice of the loot and the special option to force a player to choose a new target when the players first point guns at each other.

If that's not enough mayhem for you, there are also special power cards to spice up the action. Each of the sixteen different special power cards has the capacity to really mess up someone's plans. If you’re The Vulture, you can take loot cards from eliminated players; if you’re The Unbreakable, your character is eliminated after five wounds, instead of three. Adding powers to your characters provides a new gameplay dimension, and you’ll always be second-guessing how well you know your opponents and what tricks they have up their sleeves.