$29.00   (RRP $65.00 )

  • Designers: Marc Klerner, Florian Racky
  • Players: 2
  • Playing time: 40 Min
  • Age: 13+
  • First Released: 2015

According to an ancient Hawaiian legend, the hero Maui climbed the volcano known as Haleakala and caught the Sun with his lasso. He only let her go after she agreed to move more slowly across the sky, giving humans enough time to fish and dry their straw mats. Since then, Hawaiians have offered statues to the volcano so that it will leave them in peace. In Haleakala, two players honor this tradition by building their own statues on the volcano's slopes. Position your statues ever closer to the top of the volcano to score more points while also ensuring that you choose the perfect spot to place them. If you’re not careful, the next eruption could reduce your constructions to ash!

Haleakala is a simple game designed to captivate players’ imaginations. Over the course of each game, the players take turns placing and removing numbered discs from the beach to sail a fishing boat around the island and move their shaman up the slopes of the volcano. By selecting where to place their discs and move the boat, players claim cards with that allow them to build statues, score bonus points, or divert lava away from their statues. The volcano erupts twice per game, sending lava pouring down the mountain and destroying any statues in its path. Whoever can build the most statues that survive these eruptions is declared the winner!