The Game of Nasty Things

$30.00   (RRP $40.00 )

  • Designers: Tom Quinn, Ted Quinn, Mark Sherry
  • Players: 6-10
  • Playing time: n/a
  • Age: 18+
  • First Released: 2

Adult Humor in a Box! You won't believe the outrageous THINGS... you'll hear!

1. Choose one of over 250 inappropriately HILARIOUS topics.

2. Everyone writes a response - whatever you want - there's no right or wrong here.

3. Take a good, deep breath and read all the responses aloud.

4. Try to guess which of your misfit friends said what!

5. 1 point is awarded for each correct guess. 2 points are awarded to the person who successfully avoided detection. The job of reader passes to the left. When everyone has been reader once, the game ends. High score wins.