The Ultimate Drinking Game


  • Designer: Haggard Clint
  • Players: n/a
  • Playing time: n/a
  • Age: 18+
  • First Released: 2017

72 water resistant cards, combining all your favorite classic drinking games into one dangerous game! 
Play cards against yourself or your opponents, the choice is yours. 
The only way to survive this game is to think before you drink.

All you need to play (besides some friends to play with) is your base copy of The Ultimate Drinking game and 2 Cups! 

And that's it! No further set up, no giant table, no loose change or balls, nothing! Just the 70+ cards of anarchy that is your copy of UDG.

Before the game starts you'll choose a "Captain". The Captain's job is to oversee any arguments or disputes that may arise within the game between players or the game itself. The Captain's word is final! It's not all doom and gloom though, The Captain also gets to create an entire new rule at the start of their turn! These have ranged from "When I clap, you dance." to "All cards discarded now go back into the deck!". Captain's can be ruthless, cunning and a lot of fun. Believe us, you'll want to be The Captain.

Now with 2 Cups on the table (one filled with Water, the other empty), a Captain at the helm and your deck at the ready, it's time to deal out 5 cards to each player. Each player taked turns playing one card at a time on either themselves or another player. If a player plays a card on themselves, they must complete the card task and discard the card accordingly. However, if a player plays a card on someone else, then THAT player must complete the task and the card will return to bottom of the deck and remain in play.

The more cards the players use against each other, the longer the game goes. The only way to win is to first discard every card in the deck and then every card in your hand.